Photography is a language of communication above all. Through photography you can express your ideas but also your creations. Whether we are talking about wedding photography or reportage photography, we can only do it with the help of a camera.

photography history

Photography started easily, or rather on film, the classic system. But lately photography has advanced a lot. A huge leap has been made in digital photography. Cameras are becoming more sophisticated and have the ability to store larger and larger photos. Image quality has increased significantly and is still growing. If it is worth investing in the camera today, the answer is no, you better invest in lenses. Today it is all possible that digital cameras from digital manipulations to collages or with a single button you put the photo on Facebook. The transition from classic to digital photography was made immediately after the 2000s, I mean accessible to the common man. The first digital cameras were not able to surpass the film but since the 2009s digital photography has surpassed the film. Today 1 per thousand of the population still uses classic photography and everyone shoots digitally.